Jennifer Churcher

I am a seamstress by trade and had my own business sewing clothing items for family, friends and on-demand orders, as well as making alterations to store-bought clothes. My passion was to make clothes that were uniquely different and a one-off. Pyjamas, underwear, shorts, shirts and dresses — I was up for pretty much anything!

A couple of years ago, I saw there was a market for Memory Bears, so I taught myself how to custom make different types of bears. I was making bears from clothes for folks who wanted to remember loved ones.

I then became involved with Funky Friends Factory patterns and began making different types of animals. If the pattern was available, I could make the toy, in three different sizes. I have made one of each available animal pattern as samples for customers to see and touch, and to help make up their minds as to their wants. I am also available to provide advice based on my experience.

I work from home in Calgary and have a dedicated space, making it easy for customers to drop by and view the merchandise. I have flexible hours to meet the needs of potential customers.

Contact me to discuss your unique project!

Memory Bear